Facilities at Business Administration Department

The Business Administration department is housed in a separate building within the SUC campus. It currently has a staff complement of 15, of which 11 hold Doctorates in Management, Marketing, Finance, accounting and Economics, and 4 are MBAs. The academic staff is assisted by 2 administrative personnel. The academic staffs are from Jordan, India, Yemen, South Africa, Egypt, Syrian, and Pilipino. The motto of the department is to strive for excellence and the academic staff is constantly striving to ensure the excellence of their teaching and learning resources. 

The Business Administration department currently is host almost more 700 students. While these students focus on three different academic specialties, they have also given opportunities to participate and improve their personal and business-related skills thus aiding them in their endeavor to be educated and useful citizens of the country.

The Department has 16 spacious and well-furnished classrooms that are equipped with projectors and whiteboards; it also has a lecture theatre with a seating capacity of 200, besides this there are 16 staff rooms, a staff meeting room, 2 discussion rooms, 2 computer labs each having a capacity of 30 PCs and several changing rooms. These facilities are housed across three floors and are designed and arranged to give each student a feeling of belonging to a focused community that aims to bring out the best in them both personally and professionally.