Current Research Projects

 Business Administration

1. The Development of Salam Contract as Hedging Instrument.

2. Women Consumers Intentions to Use Smart Phones: An Empirical Study on Omani Women Consumers.

3. Investment behavior of the working women in Oman.

4. Employees’ Satisfaction on Benefit Systems: An Empirical Study on Financial Institutions in Sultanate of Oman .

5. Factors Influencing Consumer Impulse Buying Behavior.

6. Performance Management of Organizations in Oman.

 General Requirement Unit

1. The Performance of Students in Technical Writing.

2. Consistency and Sustainability in the Preparation of Monthly Report Its Influence in the Policy Redirection.

3. Group Dynamics as an Innovative Instructional Strategy in Teaching Reading and Writing.

4. The Effectiveness of Using Crossword Puzzle in Teaching Vocabulary.

5. Development and Validation of Reading Materials to Enhance the Academic Performance of Omani Students.

 Information Systems & Technology

1. Realization of Smartphones Learning Objects in Students’ Adaptive Learning Paths.

2. Interference-Aware TDMA Scheduling Algorithm.

3. Comparative Analysis of BBx, OBBx, POBBx and SOBBx indexing Methods of Spatial Databases.

4. A Grounded Theory for ICT Mediated Tacit Knowledge Transferability.

5. Persuasive Information Systems for Improving Child Healthcare.

6. ACT- Based Assistive Technologies for Mental Health.

7. Proactive Development and Analysis of Persuasive Technologies in Healthcare

8. Real-time Communication in wireless sensor networks