Assistant Dean for Academic and Research Affairs 



 Dr. Sitwat Usman Langrial 

 ( Assistant Dean for Academic & Research Affairs)     



The Assistant Dean for Academic and Research Affairs reports directly to the Dean. He is responsible for supervising the functioning of the academic departments and assisting the Dean with regard to all academic matters. He is also involved in assisting the Dean with regard to evaluating the quality of teaching, learning and assessment methods, assuring fair and smooth conduction of examination process, evaluation of a fair student and faculty evaluation process, assisting the Dean in designing effective strategies for further development of Sur University College, assisting the Dean in matters such as recruitment, promotion and grievances of staff and faculties.

The Assistant Dean is also responsible for initiating research activities in coordination with the Graduate Studies and Research Unit, and to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to achieve research excellence through research activities that meet international standards. The Assistant Dean is an ex-officio member of all other committees in the University College. Further details about the Assistant Dean’s powers and duties are listed in Sur University College’s Ordinances.