SUC is currently affiliated with Bond University (BU) in the State of Queensland – Australia. The agreement was signed in 2006 and is due for renewal after five years. BU will assist SUC in maintaining and assessing its quality of education on undergraduate programs that were originally developed by Melbourne University Private (MUP).

This agreement guides principles as outlined: The development process must ensure long-term sustainability of undergraduate programs at appropriate international standards; Undergraduate programs must be at a standard that will satisfy application entry requirements for postgraduate courses in related disciplines at BU; The delivery of all courses in English requires effective preparatory programs and pathways to maximize the potential for students or graduates of SUC; and Omanisation implies the employment of active Omani nationals wherever possible, and the active development of the skills of Omani staff.

Moreover, the agreement structure consists of the following parts: program delivery, national and international marketability, Quality Assurance, Degree awards, staff relief and development, exclusivity of the collaboration agreement, dispute settlement, terms of agreement, termination of the agreement, and notices.

The SUC affiliation agreement with BU states that BU will ensure that SUC maintains an International quality standard for the SUC undergraduate programs. Such quality will be achieved through the following: SUC will hire the required number of academic staff with suitable qualifications and experience required to deliver the academic programs as specified in and by BU; SUC will deliver the undergraduate programs as they have been developed and supplied by MUP and quality assured by BU, with changes made only with the prior written approval of BU; SUC will apply a student entrance test and entrance criteria that BU will review, the test and criteria being at the appropriate academic standard and requiring the following English standards to enter the undergraduate programs; and a BU designated representative will visit SUC twice each year, to review and advice on any action required by SUC to maintain the agreed quality standards.

These visits will include: An interview with the Dean and academic staff, review of the staff qualifications and development activities, review of the facility, review of the assignments and examination papers, students interviews, review of the written student evaluation forms, and Moderation results.
Bond University is set on a 66-hectare campus at Robina on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Created in the traditions of the world’s leading private universities, a series of grand sandstone faculty buildings line a landscaped promenade leading down to the tranquil man-made lake. Lecture theatres, case study rooms and tutorial rooms are conveniently located in the University Centre building; several student restaurants, cafes and bars circle the lake; and on-campus accommodation is within easy walking distance of all university faculties. The study facilities here are world-class, incorporating high-tech lecture theatres, the latest broadband and wifi computer connections, and libraries that are ranked among Australia’s best. Complementing these academic features, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of recreational and social outlets that encourage interaction between students outside the classroom.