SUC Policies


1 Policy on Academic Progressions This policy aims to guide students to understand the steps to be followed for successful completion of their degrees. It also aims to help academic advisors in advising students for the academic progression.
2 Policy on Classroom Observation This policy provides best practices in classroom observation for the new faculty during their probation by the HoD, Assistant Dean(s), Dean and the affiliate representative. This policy also provides guidelines for classroom observation of the faculties who were potentially identified as weak and recommended for observation during the appraisal processes.
3 Policy on Assessments Appeal This policy provides the guidelines to the students for applying review of their answer scripts after the results declaration.
4 Code of Conduct of Committee / Council / Board Members This code highlights the best practices followed by the committee members internationally and nationally. Specific code of conducts shall be developed by the respective committee if required.
5 Policy on Assessments and Grading This policy provides the guidelines on various types course specific formative and summative assessments and the maximum marks that may be allotted for the particular assessment. This policy also provides the semester grading scale.
6 Policy on Credibility and Ethics This policy shows how the stakeholders at work in SUC (Faculties, students, administration) are committed to dealing with ethical issues in their daily work. It also portrays the approach taken by SUC on matters of credibility and ethics
7 Policy on Double Checking of assessments This policy guides the academic staff members in double checking the internal and final assessments.
8 Policy on Language This policy guides the college in using the languages in communication with its various internal and external stakeholders.
9 Policy on Health and Safety This policy is setting out the procedures, responsibilities and arrangements of a healthy, safe working and studying environment at the college premises. It provides guidance to maintain high standards of safety and security to ensure the proper care of all members. The regulations included are the necessary procedures and rules that should be followed by all the stakeholders of the college.
10 Policy on Moderation of Assessments and Results This policy provides guidelines for internal and external pre / post moderation of formative and summative assessments of the individual courses at undergraduate level.
11 Policy on Peer Review To ensure the teaching quality on the delivery of the program, there is a need to continuously monitor all the faculty members’ involvement in delivery of teaching and learning methods through class room teaching. This process aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses of such delivery thus helping all the faculty members to continuously improve their performance.
12 Policy on Policy Management This policy provides necessary guidelines to the stakeholders for the various management stages of ordinances, policies, procedures, rules, regulations, by-laws and codes.
13 Procedures for Course Content Review and Development This procedure provides necessary guidelines to the academic departments and curriculum & Syllabi Development & Review Committees for developing and / or reviewing and updating the course contents of the curriculum.
14 Procedures for Review and Update of Existing Programs This procedure provides necessary guidelines to the academic departments and curriculum & Syllabi Development & Review Committees for reviewing and updating the existing program of study, curriculum and study plans with respect to the program structure.
15 Procedures for Development of New Program of Study This procedure provides necessary guidelines to the academic departments and curriculum & Syllabi Development & Review Committees for development of new programs with the curriculum and study plan.
16 Policy on Research Ethics The objective of this policy is to support staff and students in carrying out research following international best practices and adhere with research ethics.
17 Research Funding Policy SUC appreciates the importance of research funding in order to support its faculty members in carrying out state-of-the-art scholarly research. The Research Funding is a part of the financial administrative office. The principal investigator (PI) shall remain accountable for keeping expenses records for audit purposes.
18 Policy on Research Mentoring To ensure that any academic staff aspires to become an active researcher is provided with suitable guidance by a senior research-active faculty and necessary ongoing professional development opportunities.
19 Policy on Staff Profile Review To ensure that the college has appropriate composition of academic and admin staff members to achieve its strategic goals.
20 Policy on Courses, Certificates and Transcripts Equalization for Transferred Students This policy gives guidelines for considering the credit hours, courses and transcripts for those students transferring from the other HEIs
21 Policy on Student Credit Hours & Course Transfer This policy give guidelines to consider the credits hours for those students who changes their major or minor. This policy will also provide necessary guidelines for those students who reenroll to the program.
22 Policy on Student Grievances This policy provides necessary procedures needed to be followed when a student makes a grievance / complaint report.
23 Intellectual Property Policy The SUC Intellectual Property Rights Policy is developed to safeguard novel ideas, scientific efforts and creative artifacts. This will lead to a general feeling of encouragement where staff and students at SUC will feel motivated to continue their novel works.
24 Procedures for Entity & Activities Review The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all the entities contributing to SUC’s strategic directions are reviewed and monitored for the high quality in all its activities and provide required educational environment.
25 Policy on Teaching, Learning & Assessment Evaluation Methods The students’ evaluation on instructor’s teaching methods, learning supports and assessment methods support the University College to measure the teaching quality and to ensure high quality educational atmosphere.
26 Policy on Issuing Absenteeism Warning Letters As a step towards easing the students’ administrative process, this policy provides the rules for issuance of absenteeism warning letter/s to student/s who are absent for 10% or more.
27 Policy on Establishment of Academic Affiliations In line with its vision and mission statement and to fulfill the Sultanate of Oman requirements and criteria, Sur University College works with various international universities to offer different programs and specializations. This policy guides SUC through the processes and approaches in establishing academic affiliation and agreements with other HEI’s.
28 Procedures for Conference Funding This procedure guides the academic and admin staff members for applying and acquiring funds for conference presentation.
29 Policy on Data Backup This policy guides SUC through the processes and procedures to be followed in ensuring the safety of the data and timely data backup for future references.
30 Policy on Data Protection The policy guides the stakeholders of the College to maintain integrity and confidentiality of data.
31 Policy on Equality and Diversity for Students The policy guides the College and its stakeholders in ensuring the equality for the students.
32 Policy on Research and Publication Rewards This policy aims to provide procedures for research rewards to the staff members for their research and publications.
33 Policy on Risk Management This policy guides the college in identifying, managing and eradicating the internal and external risks that occur at any time.
34 Staff Professional Development Policy This policy aims to create an environment where Sur University College’s staff receive support to improve skills and training in order to fulfill their tasks and contribute to the colleges’ Vision, Mission and Objectives.
35 Policy on Upgrading Student Projects/Dissertation/ Research Works This policy aims to provide guidelines for the research supervisors on upgrading the student project into research publications.
36 Policy on Supporting Physically Challenged The policy guides the College in providing necessary and sufficient educational environment to support physically challenged students in pursuing their studies.
37 Policy on Student Employment “Work and Study” in SUC Campus This policy guides the college in supporting economically weak students to earn and continue their studies.
38 Policy on Staff and Faculty Induction This policy guides the college in providing induction to the new staff members joining the college at academic and admin department.