• Maintain high standards to be one of the best higher education institutions of the Al-Sharqiyyah Region and in the Sultanate of Oman in general.

  • Contribute to the national priorities via commitment towards excellence and high quality education.

  • Sustain development to meet the expectations of the community.

  • Produce well-rounded students through individual attention.

  • Provide rigorous academic and extra-mural activities.

  • Enrich the environment for both education and professional development.

  • Strengthen students’ competencies through academic and research activities.

  • Nurture resourceful and talented students to support the community.

  • Contribute to the interpersonal and intellectual skills of the students to meet international expectations.


Core Values

  • Excellence: Ensure a meritorious academic atmosphere.

  • High Quality: Provide an ideal educational environment.

  • Effectiveness: Facilitate efficient education, research and community services.

  • Professional: Produce talented and resourceful experts.

  • Supportive: Maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.

  • Confidence: Improve self sufficiency in task completion.

  • Competency: Increase abilities to meet global requirements.

  • Preparation for future: Develop successful citizens of the future.