Business Club

The Department of Business Administration had started the Business Club in 2007, to facilitate the involvement of students from the department in widening their perspective, to update their business related knowledge and to encourage their involvement in extra-curricular activities.

The Mission of the Business Club - Through participation in the Business Club’s activities, students would be provided opportunities to develop their managerial and leadership skills, participate in team activities, communicative and interactive skills and to relate their classroom learning to national and global business, industrial and technology related issues and activities.

With the active participation of the Business Club, the Business Administration Department was able to win several awards during the National Day and Cultural week activities.


The activities of the club include:

  •     Presentations by the faculty as well as students.
  •     Presentation of business plans by students.
  •     Participation in the decoration of the Department for important functions.
  •     Participation in cultural activities.
  •     Career guidance.
  •     Participation in sports events.
  •     Any other specific activity.

Faculty coordinators of the club

     Dr. Ehab Mohammad Injadat

     Mr. Ali Abdullah

     Dr. Basil John Thomas   

Student coordinators

Student Coordinators are appointed from time to time based on the activities being conducted by the Business Club. They assist the     faculty coordinators in the conducting of various activities