Public Relations & Marketing


Vision Statement

  • View SUC responsive and supportive to its community by providing opportunities for collaboration, education, and the promotion of the academic standards.
  • Recognize Sur University College as a distinguished and leading college that has a major impact on the community.
  • Enhance and strengthen the link between the College and its public and maintain a consistent and excellent image for Sur University Vision.
  • Increase SUC’s reputation and its occupancy in the existing market.


Mission Statement

Promote the College nationally, regionally, and globally.

To help the college in:

  • Educating and increasing students’ knowledge through an innovative learning environment.
  • Providing updated research, consultancy and integrating with education in an inclusive environment.
  • Providing the College services and facilities to improve community services.
  • Presenting SUC activities and social contribution to its community.

The Public Relation and Marketing Department of Sur University College endeavors to::

  • Highlight the role of Sur University College on both educational and academic status, while at the same time showing its achievements.
  • Enhance the reputation of Sur University College.
  • Present Sur University College goals, objectives, activities and social contributions to its community.
  • Work as the mirror, which reflects Sur University College with credibility and transparency.