Program Aims

Department of Business Administration at SUC currently offers the following awards and degrees, upon successfully completion of 60 credit hours for diploma and 120 credit hours for Bachelor with minimum of 2.0 GPA out of 4 :

  • Diploma of Business Administration in Finance & Banking.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in  Finance & Banking.

Aim :

The aim of the finance and banking program is to develop required knowledge and skills among the students in successfully carrying out the finance and investment functions in a dynamic business environment. The program exposes the student to a variety of financial topics such as investment, e-finance financial markets and institutions, financial planning etc. to excel in a wider financial platform.


  • Develop intellectual and analytical skills in the preparation and presentation of financial reports.
  • Recognize the basic finance functions such as capital mix, investment and profit allocation in an organizational context.
  • Facilitate simulated experience in stock/security transactions.
  • Develop adequate knowledge on the working of capital and money market and on various financial institutions.
  • Enabling the students to get a rewarding career in the financial service industry.
  • Develop research aptitude among the students to undertake finance and banking related researches in their future studies and career.
  • Develop the students as responsible citizens, committed to the society and to the nation as a whole.