Departmental Academic  Council 

Each academic department shall have one Departmental Academic Council which is the advisory body on academic affairs to the College Academic Board. It is subject to the provisions of the statutes, the overall responsibilities of the Board of Trustees, as well as the responsibilities of the Dean and the Head of the Academic Departments. The Departmental Academic Council shall be responsible for: coordinating academic progress in the departments, executing academic plans, making proposals for research and for developing academic programs of study to the College Academic Board, making recommendations to the relevant Head of Departments relating to academic and non-academic staff development in the departments, preparing proposals on any matter referred by the Dean, proposing training, short courses and recommending the assessment criteria for the academic programs.

The Academic staff are: Professor, Associate Professor (Reader), Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer), Lecturer, Assistant Lecturer and Research Staff, and Teacher.

The Academic-related staff of the College is the Registrar, Head of Learning Resources Centre, Student Affairs, Public Relationships & Marketing, Administrative and financial affairs manager. Non-academic staff members of the College are the subordinates of the Academic-related staff.

Head of Academic Department

The Chair/Head of the Academic Department other than the Foundation and Language Studies Department is responsible before the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs as regards to the execution of his powers and duties and the application of Quality Assurance standards. He shall be an Ex officio Chairman of any Departmental Committee and a member of the College Academic Board.

Head of Department of Foundation Program

The Head of Department is responsible to the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs with regards to the execution of his / her powers and duties. He shall be an ex officio Chairman of any Departmental Committee or Academic Board.