Board of Directors

Sheikh Mubarak Bahwan





Dr.Soud Bin Hareb Bin Hamdan AL Shaili                                  Dr. Ali Al-Jarrah                                          Dr. Khaled Bin Hamad Bin Salem AL Gailani 

      ( Vice Chairman)                                                                 Dean (SUC)                                                              ( Member )




Mr. Raghavendra Jha

Finance Manager

Board Of Directors



The Board of Directors (BoD) is the highest body of the college. It is comprised of five members.


The BoD shall be responsible for: Forming the Board of Trustees; Providing the Board of Trustees with an annual budget and financial plan; Appointing auditors for the College; Approving the financial accounts; Setting pay-scale and conditions of service for staff members, Appointing the senior post holders and the Dean; Accepting donations, gratuities and grants from Oman or any foreign country in accordance with Omani Laws; Reviewing the annual report on the College progress submitted by the Board of Trustees; and approving decisions of the Board of Trustees which may have financial implications.