Program Aims

Department of Business Administration at SUC currently offers the following awards and degrees, upon successfully completion of 60 credit hours for diploma and 120 credit hours for Bachelor with minimum of 2.0 GPA out of 4 :

  • Diploma of Business Administration in Management & Marketing.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Management & Marketing.


The aim of the Management & Marketing Program is to develop a basic understanding of the role of management and marketing in organizations which are continually interacting with the dynamic and ever changing environment. It seeks to develop the skills needed to be an effective manager. The program covers both domestic and international managerial and marketing issues.

 Objectives :

  • To understand people–organizational relationships, ethical decision making, the strategic role of management in an organization, and the managerial role in the various functional areas of an organization.
  • Develop skills to understand markets, and for developing and implementing effective marketing strategies.
  • To appreciate different analytical concepts and techniques used in marketing.
  • Develop entrepreneurial, leadership and problem solving skills.
  • To understand the strategic role of management and marketing as the organization seeks to provide value to its customers.
  • To appreciate international management and strategy development.
  • To do research by using information and communication channels for identifying problems, understanding a changing environment, collecting information, analyzing this and making effective decisions.
  • To appreciate the 4 P’s of Marketing and their role in the developing of effective marketing programs.
  • To become responsible members of the community contributing the skills and knowledge they have acquired to the economic development of the nation.
  • To enable students to pursue carriers in management and marketing in different types of organizations within and outside Oman.