Dr. Tarek Khalil




Ph.D. (MIS- Management Information systems) - (Damascus University- Syria)

Master (CIS- Computer Information Systems) - (Damascus University- Syria)

Teaching Interests: Software engineering, Operations Research, Engineering Economy, Basic Computer, Object Oriented Programming

Research Interests :  are in advancing knowledge management technologies and their application to healthcare. I have a strong interest in investigating the sources of possible leverage in developing methodologies, techniques and architectures for engineering a knowledge management framework that supports knowledge creation, dissemination and utilization in an enterprise setting. I have a keen interest in applied inter-disciplinary research, whereby the theoretical framework of my research is applied to real-world problems in the domains of healthcare.


Recent Publications :

1. Al-Qdah, M. S., AbuAli, A. N. F., Salim, J. &Tarek Khalil (2018). A grounded theory for ICT-mediated tacit knowledge transferability in MNCs. Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management, 13, 311- 335. https://doi.org/10.28945/4107.

2. Tarek Khalil . RCuA: rule classification use association data mining model for structure and unstructured data. https://www.sciencepubco.com/index.php/ijet/article/view/28379

3. Tarek Khalil ,Mohammad Al-Refai, Amer Nizar Fayez, and Mohammed Sharaf Qudah. (2017). TOWARDS EFFECTIVE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT IN OMAN: ROLE OF BIG DATA. International Journal of Research - Granthaalayah, 5(10), 92-100. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.1039628.

4. Amer Nizar Fayez , Mohammed Sharaf Qudah , Tarek Khalil ,Mohammed A.Alodat , Asian Academic Research Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, Year 2017, Volume- 4, Issue- 2 (February - 2017) Online ISSN : 2278 – 859X

5. Tarek Khalil Examining the Social and Technical Factors Influencing School Teachers Knowledge Sharing Intentions in a Teachers Online Professional Community” The Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management Volume 12 Issue 3 (pp157-165) .

6.  Business/IT Alignment Framework within e-Government System Case Study www.igi-global.com/chapter/business-alignment-framework-within government/ 64852.



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