Program Aims

The program aims to prepare graduate privileged available aspects of cognitive, behavioural and skills needed to develop performance Administrative career which yields him competitive advantage is achieved in this labour market overall objective through the following:

  • Definition the basic systems of public administration and local in general and Oman in particular.
  • Definition of the new trends and turn in public administration science (management) and the Impact of this conversion of public and local administration systems structures and functionally.
  • Raising the capabilities of students how to analyze public organizations in general and Oman in particular, to identify the lack and shortage in the organizing, functions, planning, and policies and procedures.
  • Give graduates the knowledge base in the areas of business management and various public administrations and in the area of their specialization and impart the necessary skills to update this knowledge base.
  • Development of vocational skills among graduates which will reflect positively on the development of the performance levels in their various administrative and functional job areas.
  • Development of the students skills in using research methods and techniques, and the training on how to use those methods and tools in the formulation of the problems and identify and propose alternatives to the solution and evaluate these alternatives, which increases the efficiency of graduates in the areas of decision-making.
  • Give the graduates the ability to understand, study and analysis of distinctive administrative experiments on local, regional, and international levels, which help him to develop improve the level of their performance.