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Learning Resources Center - Core Values

These are our values which guide our work:

·   Accountability:

 We are good stakeholder of the resources delegated to us, and we are responsive to our faculty and students.

·  Collaboration:
We are collaborators with other Omani academic libraries with open communication

We encourage experimentation and innovation for our users’ benefit.

·   Leadership:
We lead in bringing new services and resources to our college.

·   Curiosity:

   We emphasize on the importance of lifelong learning to apply the recent trends and developments in academic libraries.

·  Respect:

  We treat all people with respect and courtesy, all our users are heard.

·  Service Orientation:

   We have responsiveness to our users’ needs; we devote our effort to provide the best quality service possible, at all times, to all our users.                

·  Access:

    We provide Easy and seamless access to information in all forms and for all SUC users.

·  Information literacy:


  We are responsible to develop, and promote a dynamic information literacy program to support SUC users.