Workshops & Training

The LRC conducts training programs / workshops, for both the faculty and students on how to use the information resources, technological applications, research process, which support the latest educational methodology. The main goal of the training and the workshop programs is to support as well as inspire the students and staff to achieve research, professional and personal goals by providing assistance to them through higher education.

The LRC has implemented an Action Plan for the Information Literacy program that will consist of two main aspects: - By providing an annual training/workshop action plan or schedule of events to the students and staff. Then announcing and promoting the dates and content of the training / workshops to the SUC community so they can book in advance any specific workshops pertaining to their interests.

The students and faculty can ask for more workshops not mentioned in the plan, if they desire. - Preparation of research guides and the supporting materials, such as: referencing guides, technical Information and the teaching methodology that is accepted and followed by the SUC curriculum.

The Learning Resources Center of Sur University College provide to his students  to achieve their academic needs from information through the following library guides and materials :