Examination & Assessment

Grades and Symbols

SUC follows points and symbols system in counting the course grades, semester average and CGPA. Grades are categorized in the following table :

Grade Points Symbols Marks Range Grades


A 90 - 100 Excellent
3.5 B+ 83 - 89

Very Good High

3 B 76 - 82

Very Good

2.5 C+ 69 - 75

Good High

2 C 62 - 68


1.5 D+ 55 - 61

Pass High

1 D 50 - 54 Pass
FAILURE F Less Than 50 Fail


  • The total mark for each course is counted out of 4 points.
  • The total mark for each course is the sum of the final exam marks, semester exams and any other tasks and duties given to the student during the academic semester. The student is usually informed about it by a course content distributed at beginning of the semester.
  • The final exam for each course is held at the end of the semester (according to the official exams schedule) where 50% is awarded to the final exam and another 50% for other different tasks except the courses that their nature requires otherwise.
  • Semester work includes two exams and students are informed about before taking them. The first is set before the end of week 5 while the second one is set before the end of week 10. The exam papers are given back to the students.
  • 5Semester work may include oral exams, reports and researches with a grade that does not exceed 20% of the final total.
  • The minimum passing mark is 50% - that is (D).
  • The minimum passing mark in English (a college requirement) is 50% and it is recorded in the student’s grades transcript and counted in the GPA.
  • “Pass” or “Fail” is awarded for all Foundation Program Courses. The passing mark for all courses is 50%.
  • The GPA is the average of all courses that student achieves during study.
  • A student may restudy any course to increase his / her GPA. In this case, the course with the higher grade is counted and both of them are recorded in the student’s grades transcript.
  • The student is advised to repeat a course, if his / her grade is less than C.


Note: GPA Calculation

  • Minimum CGPA requirement to graduate is 2.0.
  • The semester average is calculated through multiplying course value by its credit hours and dividing the result by the total registered credit hours.
  • The CGPA is calculated through multiplying each semester average by the credit hours of the entire academic semesters and dividing the result by the credit hours total.
  • The semester average and the CGPA are counted according to the nearest two decimals.
  • The semester average is calculated at the end of each semester while the CGPA is calculated for the entire academic semesters as in table (2) below :
Grade Letter Grade Points
A Excellent 3.60 – 4.00
B Very Good 3.00 – 3.59
C Good 2.50 – 2.99
D Acceptable 2.00 – 2.49
F Weak Less than 2