Special procedures to deal with power outage

Usually, the power outage for some or all college buildings may continue for a period of minutes, hours or even days (as is happening in harsh weather conditions in windstorms and precipitation), here is information on how to act in the case of a power outage:

    • The equipment, which should continue to work during the power outage:
      • Phones.
      • Emergency lamps designed to illuminate main corridors emergency exits.
      • The alarm in the civil defense building.
      • Keyboard-connected emergency electric generators.
      • Equipment that must be powered by uninterruptible power sources which operate temporarily on batteries.

It should be noted that the regulators connected with electric generators and emergency standby may need some time (less than 10 seconds) to operate, and lights may be transferred to these generators at power outage.

In the case of Power Outages you must do the following:

    • Remain calm in the same place unless there is a threat to your life (as stated in the case of the fire).
    • Contact the Phone of the Service Maintenance Office (25565539) or the Security Services Unit Officer (25561057) to report on the power outage in the building or even to get more information about the reason for the power outage. Do not call the operators.
    • Move with caution if you are in a dark area and move toward the region in which there is emergency lighting, or use your mobile phone to guide you to a place where there is a degree of light.
    • Stay calm if trapped inside the lift, use the lift’s alarm or your mobile phone to call the emergency phone for reporting on your site.
    • If you are an individual with special needs, contact the emergency telephone number from your mobile phone or from a college phone for assistance to move.
    • Turn off all computers in order to avoid any damage upon return of power again.

During any natural calamities’ emergencies:

    • Raise the fire alarm.
    • Help the disabled to exit the building.
    • Do Not Use elevators.
    • Call the fire brigade and the Civil Defense (9999).
    • Go to the assembly point (outside the College) through the nearest fire exit without making any stampede.
    • Follow any instructions given by the fire brigade, security or SUC health and safety staff.
    • Remain at the assembly point unless instructed otherwise.
    • Do not start or use any fuel powered machine or mean of transport.