SUC has established its own hostel for girls in the year 2007. The hostel building has 3 stories with 29 rooms. It has a separate kitchen where students can cook their food of their own. The hostel is constructed in accordance with the cultural norms of Omani society.   The hostel contains a reading room, TV room, play yard, and a guest room as additional support.  Each room consists of 5 to 7 students.   The hostel has one manager and 2 Omani assistants.   Adequate medical care, first aid, safety equipment have been provided.  As safety measures fire extinguishers have been kept ready.  3 security guards have been appointed for ensuring safety for 24 hours.  Students Affairs department takes care of all the requirements of the hostel.  Transport facility is available to take the students from college to hostel, to hospital, to any other activities taking place in and around Oman . Free transport facility is provided to the students weekly once to go to market and make their purchases. Each student will be provided with the rules and regulations to be followed in the hostel at the time of joining.