Date & Time Title of the Seminars/ Workshops Venue Name of Presenter
7/11/2018 Absorption of Urban Built Expansion of Cities In the Concept of Sustainable Urbanism   Dr. Faris Hameed
27/11/2018 Methodology of Determining the Area of Windows Openings in the Administrative Buildings  

Dr. Mohamed Abdelhady

18/12/2018 Sustainable Urban Built Conservation in Iraq and the challenges of terrorism  

Dr. Faris Hameed

1/1/2019 Optimizations Design  

Dr. Hesham Gorshy

5/3/2019 Applications of AHP on Engineering Researches.  

Dr. Ayman K. Abdelgadir

27/3/2019 Sustainable design and its impact in interior spaces  

Dr.Ayman Fathy

21/4/2019 Windows Factors Impact on Air Speed and Quality Inside Architectural Spaces  

Dr. Mohamed Abdelhady

5/5/2019 Dynamic response and behavior of R.C. slab under impact loading  

Mr. Mohammed T.

2/5/ 2019 Metallic foams: their production, properties and applications  

Dr. Hanaa Mostafa