Examination & Assessment


  • The total marks of each course account of four points and will be rounded off to approximately nearest 0.5 grades.
  • The total marks in certain course are the sum of the first and second exams of the semester.
  • The course will be assessed as follows:
    • 50% Marks out of 100% - Internal Assessments like Mid  exam, Assignments, Quizzes, Projects etc.,
    • 50% Marks out of 100% - Final End of Semester Exam
  • The course assessment methods will be given clearly in the course outline at the beginning of the each semester.
  • 50% is the minimum pass mark which equals grade D.
  • The final assessment of research projects will be given for each research project after the research discussion of the each project. Separate grades will be given for project I & Project II.
  • The assessment marking for the foundation program results are shown as Pass / Fail base considering 50% as pass mark.
  • All English courses which are college requirements will be assessed as Pass / Fail considering 50% as pass mark.
  • The subjects’ marks and samples can be categorized as following:


Grade Points Symbols Marks Range Grades


A 90 - 100 Excellent 
3.5 B+ 83 - 89

Very Good High

3 B 76 - 82

Very Good

2.5 C+ 69 - 75

Good High

2 C 62 - 68


1.5 D+ 55 - 61 

Pass High

1 D 50 - 54 Pass
FAILURE F Less Than 50 Fail


  • Marks range includes both the lower and upper values.
  • The marks in final shall be truncated to the nearest integer
  • The accumulative average represents the average of the all subjects that students have studied through during his /her study period.
  • The student is allowed to re-take the subject he/she has failed in, which means that the new score will be considered after deleting the previous score whatever it was.  However, both of the scores should be recorded in the student’s marks Profile (transcript).
  • The accumulative average is determined in points and grade description
  • The semester average is computed as following: multiplying the value of each subject by the number of its credit hours; then divide that by the total registered hours in that semester.
  • The general average point is computed by multiplying the average of each semester by the total hours for all semesters.

The semester and accumulative general point averages are computed to the nearest two decimals.