Dr. Ahmad Al-Zoubi


Qualification: Ph. D.

Teaching Interests: Knowledge Management Systems, Strategic Information Systems, Systems Analysis and Design, Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, IT System, IS Project Management, Java, Database Management System.

Research Interests: Understanding the technology adoption or acceptance of a new product or innovation.


Recent Publications:

1. Al-Zoubi, A., et al., (2014) An Integrated Success Adoption Model for Examining E-Learning Among Adult Workers in Jordan. 978-1-4799-0059-6/13/31.00 ©2014 IEEE

2. Al-Zoubi, A., et al., (2014) E-Learning Adoption Successfully anong adult workers In Arab Open University Jordan. Proceeding of the Global Summit on Education GSE 2014 (E- ISBN 978-967-11768-5-6) 4-5 March 2014, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA. Organized by WorldConferences.net

3. Al-Zoubi, A., et al., (2014) Integration Model For Examining E-Learning Adoption Successfully Among Adult Workers In A Jordanian Higher Education Institution Proceeding of the International Conference On Humanities Sciences And Education ICHE2014 (E-ISB: 978-967-12022-1-0) 24-25 March 2014, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA. Organized by worldresearchconference.com

4. Al-Zoubi, A.,& Thi, L. S., (2012). E-Learning Adoption among Adult Workers in Jordan. Academic Research International 1 (2).

5. Al-Zoubi, A & Thi, L. S., (2012). E-Learning Adoption And Impact On Adult Workers In Jordan: An Empirical Analysis. Academic Research International 1 (3).



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