Program Aims

Department of Engineering at SUC currently offers the following awards and degrees, upon successfully completion of 152 credit hours for Bachelor with minimum of 2.0 GPA out of 4 :

  • Bachelor in Architectural Engineering.

Aim :

The Architectural Engineering program aims to provide the knowledge and skills required for designing and overseeing the construction work of buildings with due consideration given to the environment aspects as well the cultural aspects of a place.


The Architectural engineering program at SUC graduates Architectural engineers who can:

  • To train an architectural engineer with a critical and comprehensive vision, able to integrate the necessary bodies of knowledge- engineering, socio-cultural & artistic, legal & professional, financial, technological- to provide an aesthetically appropriate, functional and sustainable design solution.
  • To educate students in the fundamental process of architectural design, with an emphasis on a balance between construction & technology; society, culture, history & heritage; sustainability; and aesthetic expression.
  • To prepare students to cope with and improve the ever-evolving issues influencing the architectural design process- changing regional politics, engineering advancement, economic change, development in building sciences and changes in social responsibility and advances in research, particularly as pertaining to responsible and sustainable development.
  • To train an architecture engineer with the communication skills necessary to coordinate between the different trades of the architectural engineering process both regionally and at an international level.
  • To motivate students to engage in life-long learning and develop their ability to pursue graduate studies and continued professional development.
  •  To develop students who are creative, possess qualities of leadership and are committed to professional and ethical conduct.