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تنوي كلية صور الجامعية طرح برنامج الماجستير باللغة العربية في تخصص الاداره ، المحاسبة ببداية العام 2015/2016.على من يرغب بالتسجيل مراجعة الكلية او الاتصال بالرقم 25565556 لحصر اعداد الراغبين بالدراسة في هذا البرنامج

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SUC Honoring the superior Students for the academic Year2014/2015

Muzn Islamic Banking Presentation in SUC

SUC Conduct A Lecture for 12th Class Students

Oman In Milan 2015 Convoy Visited SUC

SUC Cultural Week

SUC Participate In Ghedex 2015

SUC Engineering Students in SQU Engineering Exhibition

Engineering Students Honoring Their Teachers

SUC Students Visited Pediatric Department In Sur Hospital

SUC Graduates Day's

SUC Celebrates His Majesty's Return

SUC 10Th Graduation Ceremony

Environment Association Members Visit SUC

Awareness Lecture About Traffic In SUC

Ras Al-Had School Visit To SUC

SUC Give A Career Guidance Lecture for School Students

SUC Participates In Recycling Contest

Open Day To Connect With Industry And Business Sector

SUC Participates in the introductory workshop of Graduates Survey

SUC Students Attend A Workshop About Future Entrepreneurs

SUC Welcoming The New Students For The 2nd Semester

SUC Participated And Presented Scientific Paper In ASREN

 Honoring Hostel Students

Asian Education Leadership Awards

SUC Honored Its Staff















    SUC Honoring the superior Students for the academic Year 2014/2015     

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Muzn Islamic Banking Presentation in SUC