Graduate Destinations and Employ-ability

Graduate Destinations

 On completion of the architectural program graduate students will be able to work in different fields of Architectural Engineering & Construction Industry (AEC), such Architectural design firm, consultancy firm and construction companies. Graduates may also join Interior Design firms, Urban planning and Landscaping companies for different types of buildings.   

The most targeted government body is the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, although several positions in different agencies can accommodate architecture program graduate such as, engineering and maintenance departments in ministries, localities and govern-orates. Graduates may also apply to work for Military and ROP Engineering Units.  



Advanced curriculum and carefully designed G.A. manages to secure a leading position for program graduates in different career paths. Such as Arch. Designers, consultants, owner representatives, construction managers, site engineers and project scheduling and budgeting. Graduates can choose to avail to planning, urban planning and urban design careers, they may also engage as landscape architects.