Qualification: Ph.D. 

Teaching Interests: Calculus, Differential Equations, Numerical Methods, Complex Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Operation Research, Machenics and Integral Transform.

Research Interests: Special Functions, Integral Transform and Fractional Calculus.


Recent Publications:  

1. Vyas, V. K., Al-jarrah, A., Purohit, S. D., Araci, S., & Nisar, K. S. (2020). q-Laplace transform for product of general class of q-polynomials and q-analogue of I-function. J. Ineq. Spec. Funct, 11, 21-28..

2. Kabra, S., Nagar, H., Nisar, K. S., & Vyas, V. K. (2020). Marichev-Saigo-Maeda fractional operators on generalized function G ρηγ [a, z]. Mathematics in Engineering, Science & Aerospace (MESA), 11(2)., 

3. Vyas, V. K., Al–Jarrah, A. A., & Purohit, S. D. (2019). q-Sumudu transforms pertaining to the product of family of q-polynomials and generalized basic hypergeometric functions. Applications & Applied Mathematics, 14(2).

4. q-Sumudu Transform of product of generalized Basic Hypergeometric function and application, Applications and Applied Mathematics: An International Journal (AAM).

5. On Applications of q-Laplace transforms to the Basic Analogue of the generalized Hypergeometric Functions, Ganita Sandesh, 27 (1-2), (2015), 69-78 .

6. Bilinear generating relations for a family of q-polynomials and generalized basic hypergeometric functions. acta et commentationes universitatis tartuensis de mathematica, 16(2), 191-199 .(2012). (With R.K.Yadav and S.D.Purohit). 

7. On applications of q-fractional calculus operators and transformations involving generalized basic hypergeometric functions, Bull. Pure and Appl. Math. 4(1) (2010), 125-132. (With R.K.Yadav and S.D.Purohit). 

8. On applications of q-laplace transforms to a basic analogue of the I-function. Rev. Bull. Calcutta Math. Soc. (In Press) (With R.K.Yadav and S.D.Purohit). 

9. On fractional q-calculus operators involving the generalized basic hypergeometric function of two variables, J. Raj. Acad. Phy. Sci. 9(2) 103-112, (2010), (With R.K.Yadav and S.D.Purohit. 



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