Dr. Hanaa Mostafa



Qualification: Ph. D. Mechanical Engineering (Metallurgy)

Teaching Interests : Engineering Materials, Advanced Engineering Materials, Strength of Materials and material testing, Machine design, Mechanical drawing, Heat treatment, Advanced Heat treatment techniques for modern Multi-phase steels, Metallurgy, Friction transformation, Advanced Welding Techniques, Production and Inventory Control, Manufacturing Systems Automation, Metallographic Examination lab. (Metallic structures),Thermo-Calc. program


Research Interest : Friction stir welding (FSW) ( metals and polymeric materials), Friction stir Processing (FSP), Novel Thermal and Thermo-mechanical treatments of modern bainitic steels, Ultra-fine bainite in Low carbon low alloy steels.


Recent Publications :

1. M. Soliman, H. Mostafa, A. S. El-Sabbagh, H. Palkowski. Low temperature bainite in steel with 0.26wt% C (2010) Materials Science and Engineering A, 527 (29-30), pp. 7706-7713.

2. H. Mostafa, M. Soliman, H. Palkowski. Microstructures and mechanical properties of thermo-mechanically processed low temperature bainite with 0.4 wt%-C in steel, 2nd international conference super high strength steels SHSS, Peschiera del Garda, Italy, 2010.

3.Hanaa Mostafa, Ahmed S. El-Sabbagh, Alaa A. El-Butch, Heinz Palkowski. Modified Heat Treatment Techniques to produce Ultra-Fine Bainite in low carbon steel. Forum on recent trends in mechanical design (RTMD), Faculty of Engineering, Mataria, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt, April, 2016.



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