Dr. Mohamed Hussein Shedid





Ph.D. (Mechanical Power Engineering) - (Helwan University), Egypt

Master (Mechanical Power Engineering) - (Helwan University), Egypt  

Teaching Interest : Thermal-Fluid Science. 

Research Interests Heat Transfer, Nanofluids, Hydrogen, production Heat & Mass Transfer, Convection, Engines Cooling, Hydrogen Production.

Recent Publications :  

1. H.S. Moghaieb, H.M. Abdel-Hamid, M.H. Shedid, A.B. Helali, (2017), “Heat Transfer Characteristics of Al2O3/water Nanofluid in The Cylinder Head Cooling System of Diesel Engine”, Applied Thermal Engineering, Volume 115, Pages 152–159 . 

2. Mohamed H. Shedid, and M. A. M. Hassan, (2016), “Heat transfer characteristics of the fluidized bed through the annulus”, Heat and Mass Transfer, 52(9), pp:1943–1952.

3. Mohamed H. Shedid, M. A. M. Hassan, (2016), “Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Characteristics for the Annular Flow of Nanofluids using YPlus”, Journal of Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. (3), Pages 8-16.

4. M. Elsebay, I. Elbadawy, M.H. Shedid, M. Fatouh, (2016), “Numerical resizing study of Al2O3 and CuO nanofluids in the flat tubes of a radiator”, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Volume 40, Issues 13–14, Pages 6437-6450.

5. H. Abou-Ziyan, M. Mahmoud, R. Al-Ajmi, M. Shedid, (2015), “Effects of synergetic and antagonistic additive elements on the thermal performance of engine oils at various bulk temperatures”, Applied Thermal Engineering, Volume 89, 5 October 2015, Pages 618-627.


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