Program Aims

Department of Engineering at SUC currently offers the following awards and degrees, upon successfully completion of 152credit hours for Bachelor with minimum of 2.0 GPA out of 4 :

  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering.


There is increase and continuous growth and development in Sultanate of Oman and the region in industry areas. SUC offers Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering with concentration on Industrial Engineering. The degree is awarded by SUC with quality assurance overseen by the American University in Cairo (AUC). The students require satisfying achievement of 152 credits in engineering for the award of degree with minimum of 4 years of study plus one foundation year as necessary. The program structure is framed to meet benchmarking of ABET with program 5 objectives and 17 outcomes, listed below. Admission criteria provided for the entry to the program is comparable with International Standards for similar program offer elsewhere. Market analysis for the program provides an initial insight into potential demand for mechanical engineering in Oman.

Mechanical Program Outcomes :

  • The ability to apply suitable mathematical tools including multivariate calculus, differential equations, matrix algebra, numerical techniques and statistical analysis to solve engineering problems.
  • The ability to identify and apply the laws of physics and chemistry, and engineering principles that are fundamental to Mechanical Engineering.
  • The ability to define, develop models and solve problems in typical Mechanical Engineering systems professionally.
  • The ability to construct experiments and critically interpret data.
  • The ability to gather data to use contemporary techniques and tools in solving engineering problems.
  • The ability to design and analyze mechanical components, dynamic and thermo fluid systems.
  • The ability to select the materials and manufacturing processes suitable for various applications.
  • The ability to perform engineering economic analysis and design quality control procedures, and develop entrepreneurship skills.
  • The ability to function in multidisciplinary teams as well as in task groups.
  • The ability to analyze simple electric and electronic circuits.
  • The ability to communicate effectively using graphical modeling, technical writing, and oral presentation in English.
  • The ability to acquire new knowledge and skills independently.
  • The ability to identify safety, environmental, and ethical issues in an engineering problem.
  • The ability to identify social, economic, globalization and other contemporary issues in an engineering problem.
  • An appreciation for literature, arts and humanities as well as an awareness of contemporary issues.
  • An appreciation of local culture, heritage and language.
  • Graduates of the Industrial concentration have further abilities to analyze, design, integrate, and manage industrial systems with the optimum utilization of available resources.

Mechanical Program Objectives :

  1. Practice professionally as team members or leaders in both local and global, multidisciplinary environments.
  2. Advance their careers in mechanical engineering or other fields through promotions, positions of increasing responsibilities or professional certifications
  3. Contribute to the welfare of the society, and are responsive to its needs with consideration of ethical and environmental issues.
  4. Engage in advanced academic and research careers.
  5. Pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.