Sunderland University Representatives Visiting SUC


A delegation from the British University of Sunderland in an official visit to Sur University College to see the preparations and equipments for the program MBA (specializing in Human Resources Management) expected direct enrollment of students in which starting from the second semester 2015/2016. Head of the delegation accompanying Hawthorn has met with the group in Muscat, and the number of members of the teaching and administrative bodies at the site of Sur University College, and a number of students of the Faculty of Business Administration. The delegation also had a tour around the college facilities to see the appropriate teaching environment for students of masters. At the end of the visit, thanked the Dean of the College, and expressed interest in and passion for the visit, which aims to sign a partnership with the University of Sunderland for the Master of Human Resource Management program to serve the local community especially, Oman general, and the contribution from the college to keep up with modern developments in human resources management. On the other side, the delegation expressed his admiration for the achievements of the college and the stages of development.