SUC Established Online Exam Facilities


computerized successfully in laboratories in some courses, attended the contract exam Acting Dean Dr. Ali al-Jarrah, the director of Admission Professor Fayez Abdul Ghani and members of the IT department.

Dr. Ali al-Jarrah confirmed that this process is a step forward to keep pace with advanced universities in this area, and confirmed that he will be working on the establishment of a unit exams computerized in college to serve all academic departments, as well as conducting exams determine the level of new students and other exams in academic departments . He thanked the work on this comes from the keenness of the administrative and teaching staff to work hard for the development of the overall team achievement.

He also thanked Mr. Muhammad A Sarayreh head of the computerized system development team, this experience proved to be effective in terms of saving time, effort and accuracy in the process of examinations. It is worth mentioning that a team of college and the support of the management of downloaded develop computerized exams college system.