Workshops & Seminars Schedule 

Date & Time Title of the Seminars/ Workshops Venue Name of Presenter
27.10.2016 12 to 1 pm Using Online Learning Resources: A Self Learning Tool IST Theatre

Dr. Engineer Salah Alkhafaji

3.11.2016 12 to 1 pm Real-Time Flow Scheduling in Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks IST Theatre

Dr. Gohar Ali

10.11.2016   12 to 1 pm An approach to Improve the performance of Spatial Databases IST Theatre

Dr. Appathurai 

01.12.2016   12 to 1 pm Adhoc Networking IST Theatre

Mr. Mohammed Ilyas

08.12.2016 12 to 1 pm Discussion about E -Course IST Theater

Mr. Mohammed A Sarrayrah

15.12.2016 12 to 1 pm Gamification for Improving the Software Development Process - An Interdisciplinary approach IST Theatre

Mr. Bilal Amir

22.12.2016 12 to 1 pm Recent Research in Bio Metrics (Tentative)   IST Theatre

Dr. Bremananth  

29.12.2016 12 to 1 pm Implementing Evidence-based Pyshcology in ICT for PSTD IST Theater   Dr. Sitwat Langrial 
26.01.2017 12 to 1 pm Smart Phone and the growth of e-commerce in Oman  IST Theatre  Mr. Sujith
09.02.2017 12 to 1 pm  Managing Tacit knowledge from ICT perspective  IST Theatre  

Dr. Mohammed Sharaf

16.02.2017   Research in Information System IST Theater

Dr. Amer 

23.02.2017   Using Advanced Statistical Tools for Research Analyses: A Contemporary Approach  IST Theater

 Mr B. Sriram

 02.03.2017  Recent Research in Distributed Computing  IST Theater

 Dr. Sadish Sendil M.

09.03.2017  Semantic Grid : Research trends and directions   IST Theater

Dr. R Surendran 

16.03.2017  Data Mining and its application  IST Theater 

Mr. Mohammed Tahat 

06.04.2017  Building Consumer's confidence to adopt e-commerce in oman   IST Theater

Dr. Yi Yi Thaw 

 13.04.2017 International Publishing   IST Theater

 Dr. Layla Samea

27.04.2017   Genetic Algorithm and Design for optimization  IST Theater

Dr. Hamzah 

09.05.2017  Knowledge Sharing in Healthcare   IST Theater

 Dr. Tarek Khalil

04.05.2017  Energy Efficiency of wireless networks   IST Theater

 Mr. Somooro

11.05.2017  Datamining ( Text mining)   IST Theater

 Dr. Hayel