Bond University Visit SUC


Through the cooperation agreement between Sur University College and Bond University Australia, Professor Ahmed Khalid correlation quality assurance of Bond University of Australia's visit to Sur University College officer lasted three days, where he meet with the administrative and academic bodies in the college and a group of college students  to make sure that quality facility and applied system operations and governor in all academic programs prepared by the college, and he was briefed on all periodic reports and annual special education, scientific research, faculty quality, in addition to the training programs offered by the college for its staff members faculty, administrators and students in business management disciplines and information technology, as it was during the visit, interview faculty members, administrative staff, and discuss their activities and how to develop them, and how to improve the services offered to students, and improving the quality of output, and see the new registry system, and files, faculty and staff members, and to make sure their skills to serve the students, and also met with outstanding students, in order to inform them about the mechanism of getting on a mission to study master degree in Bond University of Australia, and what are the requirements to seize this opportunity. Professor Ahmed Khalid praised the college concrete development in all its aspects and the scientific process, scientific research and community service.