Dr. Basil John Thomas                              




Ph.D. Faculty of Management, Business Administration, Mahatma Gandhi University.

Master in Philosophy- Faculty of Management, Business Studies, Mahatma Gandhi University.

Master of Business Administration- Faculty of Management, HRD, Mahatma Gandhi University.

Master of Commerce-Faculty of Commerce, University of Kerala.


Teaching Interests: HR & Organizational Behavior, Management and Leadership, Organizational intervention and change, Employee Stress Management, Behavioral Finance, Operations Research, Business Research.


Research Interests: Performance analysis, Employee Stress Analysis, Work life balance, Big data and Risk tolerance Analysis .


Current Research Projects: Performance Management of Organizations in Oman. 


Recent Publications:  

1. Basil, JT(2018), Risk tolerance profile of investors in the Gulf states, International Journal of Economics Commerce and Management, Vol. 6, (11) November 2018

2. Basil, JT and Issa, M(2018), A Review of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem of Oman, International Journal of Professional Management, Volume. 13, (2).

3. Basil, JT and Nisha, J(2017), Value Added Tax Reforms in IndiaAsian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Volume. 5, (10) pp 143-151.

4. Basil, JT and Sulaiman, E(2016), Fund Preference of Mutual Fund Investors, ICWAI Research Bulletin, Volume. 42, (01), pp 107-117.





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Block: Business Administration Department