Dr.  Kalyiaperumal  Appathurai



Qualification: Ph.D


Teaching Interests: DBMS, RDBMS, Data Structure , Software engineering, System analysis and Design.

Research InterestSpatial Database.


Recent Publications:  

1. K.Appathurai,  M.Anand Kumar 2017, “Comparative Analysis of BBx, OBBx, POBBx and SOBBx indexing Methods of Spatial Databases” in International Journal of Control Theory and Applications (IJCTA) ISSN 0974-5572. Vol. 10, Issue no. 11, page no.133-145.(Scopus indexed)

2. K.Appathurai, M.Anand kumar 2015, “A Novel Indexing method for Vehicular networks”, Journal of Computer Science, Vol. 9[1], 104-110.

3. K.Appathurai, Anand Kumar.M 2014, “Performance Analysis Of Blowfish, Idea And Aes Encryption Algorithms”, Journal of Computer Science, Vol. 8[6], 56-65.

4. K.Appathurai, M.Anand kumar 2014, “A study on Spatio-temporal Access Methods in Spatial Databases”, Journal of Computer Science, Vol. 8[6], 43-55.

5. K.Appathurai, Dr. S. Karthikeyan 2013, “Moving Object indexing Using Crossbreed Update”, International Journal of Computer Applications, Vol 69 [16], 0975 – 8887.



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