Dr.  Kalyiaperumal  Appathurai



Qualification: Ph.D ( Computer Science ) - KARPAGAM UNIVERSITY, India


Teaching Interests: DBMS, RDBMS, Data Structure , Software engineering, System analysis and Design.

Research InterestSpatial Database.


Recent Publications:  

1. K.Appathurai, R. Gunasundari , A. AnushaPriya 2017, “Resource Scheduling for Private Cloud Using Cloud Platform Adaptive Genetic Algorithm” in International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 117 No. 21 2017, 591-604. (Scopus indexed)

2. K.Appathurai,  M.Anand Kumar 2017, “Comparative Analysis of BBx, OBBx, POBBx and SOBBx indexing Methods of Spatial Databases” in International Journal of Control Theory and Applications (IJCTA) ISSN 0974-5572. Vol. 10, Issue no. 11, page no.133-145.(Scopus indexed)

3. K.Appathurai, M.Anand kumar 2015, “A Novel Indexing method for Vehicular networks”, Journal of Computer Science, Vol. 9[1], 104-110.

4. K.Appathurai, Anand Kumar.M 2014, “Performance Analysis Of Blowfish, Idea And Aes Encryption Algorithms”, Journal of Computer Science, Vol. 8[6], 56-65.

5. K.Appathurai, M.Anand kumar 2014, “A study on Spatio-temporal Access Methods in Spatial Databases”, Journal of Computer Science, Vol. 8[6], 43-55.

6. K.Appathurai, Dr. S. Karthikeyan 2013, “Moving Object indexing Using Crossbreed Update”, International Journal of Computer Applications, Vol 69 [16], 0975 – 8887.



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