Dr. Sadish Sendil




Ph.D Computer Science and Engineering Anna University

M.E Computer Science and Engineering Anna University


Teaching Interests: Computer Networks, Data Structures, Internet Programming, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, Object Oriented Programming, Computer Programming, Web Technology.

Research Interests: Pursing research to focus the emerging problems in the interdisciplinary areas; Distributed Computing, Cloud Computing with interdisciplinary areas.


Recent Publications:  

1. Sadish Sendil M.,(2018),“Heart disease prediction using SVM based neuro-fuzzy technique in the Cloud Computing”, International Journal of Engineering & Technology, Vol. 7, No. 2.20,pp. 153-158.

2. Sadish Sendil M., et. al., (2016), “An Improved Framework to Detect and Prevent Concurrent Bug Occurrences for the Efficient Software Development”, International Journal of Printing, Packaging & Allied Sciences, Vol.4, No.5, pp. 3951 – 3963.

3.  Sadish Sendil M., et. al., (2013), “Reliable Job Scheduling using Particle Swarm Optimization in Grid Environment”, Archives Des Sciences, Vol.66, No. 3, pp. 713 – 724.

4. Sadish Sendil M., et. al., (2012), “Improving the performance of P2P networks using SPIS with Query Filtering”, Journal of High Speed Networks, Vol. / No. 18, pp. 131–140.

5. Sadish Sendil M., et.al., (2011), “Enhancing Search Performance in SocioNet for Unstructured P2P Networks”, International Journal of Software Engineering and Technology, Vol.3.

5. Sadish Sendil M., and Nagarajan N. (2011), “Improving the Performance of the Peer to Peer Network by Introducing an assortment of methods”, Journal of Computer Science, Vol. 7, No.1, pp. 32-38.


Contact Details

Ext:     5080
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Block: IST Department