Dr. Laila Sayed Samea -  Assistant Professor & LRC Director


Qualification: Ph.D (Automated Subject Authority Control) – Library & Information Science – (Cairo University – Faculty of Arts ), Egypt

Teaching Interests: Research Methods (Information Systems & Technology Department), Information Search and retrieval(Information Systems & Technology Department), Office Automation, Information Seeking in Electronic Environment, Computer and Information Management, Basic Computing, Electronic Data Processing,  Introduction to Computer Science..etc..

Research Interests : Information Storage and Retrieval, Internet applications in Library and Information Science,  MARC 21, Metadata, RDA, Recent trends in Organization of Information & online cataloging, Electronic Resources, Automated Authority Control, Digital libraries,  Learning Resources.


Recent Publications:  

1.  (2015). Academic library consortia in Arab countries: An investigating study of origins, development, and services. International Journal of Library and Information Science, 7(7), 130- 147 (In English).

2.  (2014). Descriptive Cataloging Courses in the Egyptian Library & Information departments: an analytical study in the content in the light of electronic environment. Arab Journal of Library and Information Science. Vol. 34, No. 1(Jan. 2014). (In Arabic)

3.  (2009). Automated subject Authority control: Characteristics and experiences. Recent trends in library and information Science, 16 (32), p. 241-169. (In Arabic).

4.  (2008). Literature of women in Library and Information field: Dr. Yusreya Zayed model. El – Fihrist. (In Arabic)

5.  (2006). Machine Readable Cataloging: Practical Guide to use the The Communication Format MARC 21 for the construction of bibliographic records. Cairo: Authors, 363 p. (In Arabic)


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