Dr. A. Abdul Rahim



Qualification: Ph.D. (Structural Engineering)

Teaching Interests : Engineering Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Concrete Technology, RCC design, Steel design


Research Interest : Behaviour of concrete and concrete structures exposed to elevated temperatures, Optimization of concrete mix proportions, High Performance and High Strength Concrete, Concrete Technology, By product utilization in concrete and Design of concrete structures


Recent Publications :

1. Ariful Rahman, Abdul Rahim. A. and Ram Pyare. (2015), “Effects of P2O5 Content on the physical properties of SiO2-Al2O3-CaO- Na2O bio glass ceramics”, International journal of applied engineering research, pp. 287-290.

2. Abdul Rahim. A., Sharma, U. K., Murugesan. K., Sharma, A. and Arora, P. (2013), “Multi-response optimization of post-fire residual compressive strength of high performance concrete”, Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 38, pp. 265–273.

3. Rahim, A. Sharma, U. K., Murugesan K., Sharma, A. and Arora, P. (2012), “Optimization of post-fire residual compressive Strength of concrete by Taguchi method”, Journal of Structural Fire Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 169-180.

4. Imran. M and Abdul Rahim, “Strength Assessment of laminated cold form steel beams”, Indian journal of applied research, pp. 40-42.



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