Dr. Faris S. Hameed



Qualification: PhD (City Planning)

Teaching Interests : Urban Planning, Urban Design, Housing, Architectural Design Strategies, Criticism Theories, Architecture & Climate, Landscape Design, Acoustics, Architectural Design, Principles of Art & Architecture.


Research Interest : Architectural Heritage Conservation, City Expansion, Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning.


Recent Publications :

1. "Architectural Heritage Conservation and Terrorism Challenges" a research paper accepted and published at the 4th Int. Architectural Conservation Conference 14-16 Feb. 2016 Dubai, UAE.

2. "Water Pollution in Iraq Between Catastrophic Edges and Make-Shift Solutions" presented to the 2nd International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Remediation, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 28-30 August 2012.

3. "Sustainable Urban Built Conservation in the Historical City Centres...Case Study: Erbil City Centre/ Iraqi Kurdistan", presented at the 3rd International Architectural Conservation Conference 17-19 December 2012 Dubai, UAE.

4. "Finding new patterns to design Sustainable Cities by using traditional urban patterns", Presented at the 2nd World Congress on Cities and Adaptation to Climate Change, Bonn, Germany,June 2011.



Contact Details

Ext: 1063
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Block: Engineering Department