Mr. Jaime Garcia Salinas




Qualification: Ph. D


Teaching Interest: Language learning and technology


Research Interests: 3D virtual environments for learning, Cooperative learning, language learning.


Recent Publications: 

1. Ferreira, A., Garcia, J., Morales, S (2014).Using a Task-Based Approach for Supporting a Blended Learning Model for English as a Foreign Language. International Journal of Computer- Assisted Language Learning and Teaching (IJCALLT) 4(1), 44-62. doi: 10.4018/ijcallt.2014010103. Available in     task-based-approach-for-supporting-a-blendedlearning-model-for-english-as-a-foreign-language/109830.

2. Garcia, J., Fan, X. (2014, December). A study of technology-based environment for science and culture learning under a cooperative paradigm. Paper presented at the AARENZARE 2014 Conference, Brisbane, Australia.

3. Garcia, J. (2013, July). Pre-service teachers’ perceptions of cooperative learning in a faceto-face and 3D virtual environment: An exploratory study. Paper presented at the WorldCALL conference, Glasgow, Scotland.

4. Garcia, J. (2012). Autonomy in foreign language learning in technologymediated contexts. Journal of Linguistics, Philology and Translation (Onomazein). Available in

5. Garcia, J. (2010). Language learning strategy training for English as a foreign language in a Blended-learning context. Magazine of Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching, Nebrija. Available in



Contact Details

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