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SUC : Virtual interactive Workshop on “Study of Mechanical Properties of Materials using Dynamic Mechanical Analyser”

Online International Symposium was organized on 15th April 2021, Thursday under the joint aegis of Sur University College, Oman and Aggarwal PG College, Jaipur, India. The topic of this Symposium was 'Study of Mechanical Properties using Mechanical Dynamic Analyzer (DMA)'.

The program was inaugurated by Dr. Ali Al-Jarrah, the Dean of Sur University College, Oman and Dr. P. S. Rathore, Vice Principal of Aggarwal P G College. The purpose of this Symposium is to enlighten to young graduates with research attributes towards Nanoscience and Nanotechnology field. This Symposium was executed as a pre-research exercise to stimulate research aptitude among graduate and post graduate students of Science and Engineering background. More than 100 participants registered for event and around 184 participants joined on WhatsApp group created for the event communication. The event was also made available through Facebook live to encourage more participants.

In the Symposium, Dr. Vishal Mathur of Sur University College of Oman and Dr. Meenal Bafna from Aggarwal College, Jaipur discussed about DMA procedures and applications for nanomaterials. Dr. Vishal Mathur explained about the methods to determine Storage Modulus, Loss Modulus, Phase transition temperature and its activation energy, Temperature variation of Viscosity and tensile performance of polymer nanocomposites as a case study. The workshop was concluded with vote of thanks of Dr. Vijay Kumar Vyas organizing secretary from Sur University College.

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